Jogja Souvenirs

  • Wooden Puppet is a tool to make performance and dedication to the public. It comes from the Sundanese cultural arts community and remained during modern life today.

  • Wood Carving is the art form of patterns on a wood object by forming hollows. The motif is made from the basin and is known as relief typically. The relief motif is unique themes, such as plants, animals, scenery, or humans.

  • Indonesia is very rich in culture and has a wide variety of handicraft products. Leather handicraft is one of the main home industry sectors in the community, particularly in the Yogyakarta tourist attractions area.

  • The Silver Craft Kotagede is a historical place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was the capital city of the Mataram Hindu kingdom in the year 1575.

  • When visiting Yogyakarta city, there can spend time visiting Kasongan ceramic village. The village is only 9 kilometers from the city center in the southern part.

  • Batik Handmade Jogja is closely related to the development of the Majapahit kingdom and the spread of Islam religion on Java Island.

  • The Stone Carving art natural could use as a base for carving crafts. Engraving of natural stone with some models and forms adorns any wall, or fence, with fine interesting wooden carving.