Yearly Event

Grebeg Syawal Ceremony

The Yearly Event of the ceremony is held yearly on the first day of the tenth month of the Syawal Javanese calendar at the end of Ramadhan, the Muslim holy month of abstinence. The Grebeg Syawal is a celebration controlled to commemorate the completion of the Muslim-devoted abstinence duties. The ceremony is analogous to the Grebeg Maulud ceremony with its color full of Gunungan procession from the Sultan Palace to the Grand Mosque nearby.


Grebeg Besar Ceremony

Held yearly at the Sultan Palace on the tenth day of the last month of the Javanese calendar (Besar) to commemorate Abraham's check of religion once challenged to sacrifice his one and sole son. The celebration prevailed in Eid Al-Adha with Muslims slaughtering goats and cows, distributing the meat, and giving charity to their poorer brethren.



Sekaten Ceremony

It is held yearly starting on the fifth day of the third month of the Javanese calendar (Mulud), lengthening for one week and culminating with the Grebeg Mulud ceremony. Sekaten commemorates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Starting at the hours of darkness a procession of the royal servant, leave the Ponconiti Hall and marches 2 abreast carrying 2 sets of ensemble named Kyai Nogowilogo and Kyai Gunturmadu down Malioboro Street to the Grand House of Prayer. the 2 sets of ensemble content at the same time till the eleventh day of Mulud after the area came to the Palace in the hours of darkness. Yogyakarta folks believe that celebrating Sekaten and especially taking note of the ensemble will be rewarded with healthiness and prosperity.

Grebeg Mulud Ceremony

Gerebeg Maulud is the climax of Sekaten. control yearly on the twelfth day of the third month of the Javanese calendar, the Grebeg Mulud ceremony commences in the morning with the Palace Guards in ancient uniforms parading a Gunungan (a mountain-formed cone of rice encircled by fruits, vegetables, eggs, and peanuts then on symbolizing prosperity of Mataram Kingdom) from the Sultan Palace to the good house of prayer on Malioboro street once prayers at the house of prayer area unit finished, the rice cone is cut and also the food distributed to those attending.



Labuhan Ceremony

Held yearly in Apr to celebrate the birth of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono moreover on secure the welfare of the ruler and thus the folks of Yogyakarta. The word Labuh means to toss stuff into a stream or ocean. Intrinsically offerings from the ruler embrace food, hair, and nail clippings then on area unit thrown into the South Sea at Parangkusumo Beach in honor of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul (South Sea Goddess). Similar ceremonies area unit control atop Mount Merapi and Lawu in Central Java. begin times for the festivities are proclaimed within native papers.


Tanggap Warsa Suro

Held annually throughout the primary month of the Javanese calendar (Suro) this ceremony celebrates the Javanese 12 months with the extravagant leather puppet and alternative dance performances.



Pitcher Filling Ceremony

Another ceremony controlled annually within the 1st month of the Javanese calendar (Suro) is the Pitcher Filling ceremony at Imogiri, the Royal Cemetery. The folks of Imogiri believe that water brings windfall and fills four giant, bronze vessels with water then places them at the doorway to the cemetery. The pitchers are from an Asian country (Nyai Siem), Kyai Mendong; Aceh (Kyai Danumoyo), and Palembang (Nyai Danumurti).



Saparan Ceremony

A giving ceremony controlled yearly within the second month of the Javanese calendar (Sapar) by the folks in Ambar Ketawang, Gamping, and Sleman. At just once, the locals of Ambar Ketawang created their living excavation rock that's believed to be some fifty million years recent. these days the rock is generally gone (or too onerous to find) however the folks still think that they have to build offerings to the realm to avoid tragedy. Therefore ahead of time giving day the residents build a procession of offerings to the realm culminating once Bekakak (bride and groom dolls manufactured from sticky rice full of red sugar syrup) are decapitated.