Wooden Puppet

Wooden puppet is a tool to make performance and dedication to the public. It comes from the Sundanese cultural arts community and remained during modern life today. The art performance has become a puppet show typical of the Sundanese cultural arts community since many centuries ago. It is like other traditional cultural arts and right now the puppet show is almost unknown originally.

However, in recent years, this art wooden puppet culture has undergone many developments are promised and both from the standpoint of public perception and interest. The Sundanese communities who previously had started to leave the puppet show, but now they are falling back loving puppet art culture.

The wooden puppet art culture enthusiasts grow, and it is not only from older people but also spread among the young people. It was not separated from the modification and innovation of the manufacturing puppet show in the playing technique. The innovation and modification of making the staging puppet show also have attracted people outside of Sundanese, Javanese, even among the foreigners.