Sukamade Beach

Sukamade beach lies in the southeast of Java Islands, about 97 kilometers from Banyuwangi. The beach is natural and charming and appearance natural than alternative beaches. The beach remains used as a landing on the side to get eggs. The beach which about 3 kilometers with part 250 meters extending from the east is usually landed by four species of ocean turtles, including Blimbimg Turtle, Lekang Turtle, and Sisik Turtle. However solely Hijau and Lengkang turtle typically return to greet the beach.

The presence of turtles in Sukamade beach is incredibly vital. It is not just for the personnel management of coastal parkland, however additionally for the folks of East Java generally. The presence of the turtle is proof Sukamade unspoiled beaches and it should be maintained. That's the way to tend to all should work flat out to take care of naturalness and credibility Sukamade Beach. Moreover, it supported the observance of the World Wide Fund organization or WWF. This is the largest marine beach turtle nesting in Java Island of Indonesia.

The Sukamade beach gets the regular activity of turtle in each month and there are 20 turtles landing and parturition eggs. Turtle parturition eggs on an average of 100-140 points. Minimum of there, which means 2500 grains were planted and hatched in Sukamade beach each month. However, that variety does not mean safer variety, as a result of the quantity of turtle eggs hatch and become adult turtle is 1:1000. That means, for one thousand eggs that hatch into hatching and come to the ocean and just one hatching in position to survive.