Silver Craft

Kotagede is a historical place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was the capital city of Mataram Hindu kingdom in the year 1575. Ki Ageng Pemanahan was the creator of the Mataram kingdom build and all Java land was own by his power. This place is famous as the Kotagede silver craft center at the moment.

Kotagede is located approximately 10 kilometers south-east of the city. This old town has something to do with Sultan Palace Yogyakarta, which caused it was part of the palace's territorial and old place as well. The region is now known as Silver City in Yogyakarta, which is the center of silver crafts. There are about 170 ancient buildings made ​​between the years 1700 to 1930. It is simply referred to as the silver city craft and Kotagede is the requirement of old history.

If you enter the Kotagede region from the north through Gedong Kuning district, a small road flanked by classical buildings that lined row on the road. It is an exotic place for the visitor after going through the gate of Kotagede entrance. When entering Kotagede silver city craft, the visitor able to enjoy a variety of silver sold on the home front as well as a gallery with kind and price diversity.

Silver is a hereditary culture and originally Kotagede silver craft in the form of gold, silver, and copper, but as time progresses of craft silver that more desirable. So, the craftsmen prefer to cultivate more silver until now. Kotagede silver was exported to many countries, especially Asia, Europe, and United State which it continues to soar in every year.