Sikunir Hill

Dieng is the highest plateau on Java Island. It lies in 2 districts, namely Banjarnegara and Wonosobo. The location of the Dieng plateau is at the west part of Mount Sindoro, Central Java, Indonesia.

The Dieng tourism is a quite high potential, because of the cool air and beautiful scenery surrounding it. Dieng tourist attractions that can be visited include Telaga Warna, Dieng Theatre (where the film Dieng ancient), Kailasa Museum, Sikidang crater, Arjuna Dieng temple, and other tourism objects.

It is a tourist attraction that is rarely visited because of quite far and a bit soft trekking is Sikunir hill. The hillside location is not far from Cebong lakes with fresh cold. Many tourists are preparing for warm clothes, jackets, gloves, socks, or a mask. There are small shops around Cebong lakes, which sells variously fried and warm drinks and also sells gloves, mask, and socks for the tourists who lack preparation and it could not withstand the cold on the hilltop.

There can see the beautiful golden sunrise bias feast for the eyes from the uphill. Usually, the visitor who wants to see the sunrise from Sikunir must go trek up safely 30 minutes to the top and the sun will appear around 5:00 up to 05:30 hours in the morning. The sun will rise perfectly and be accompanied by the beauty of the blue sky in the middle of the year.