Shadow Puppet

Shadow puppet show is a traditional performing art. There was evidence that puppet existed before Hinduism came to Southeast Asia, brought by Indian traders. However, there might be a good thing indigenous storytelling traditions with the huge impact of puppet development. The first record of a shadow puppet show was from an inscription dated 930 AD, says Galigi as player puppets. Right now, it seems certain features of traditional leather puppet theatre remains. Galigi was an itinerant performer who was asked to perform for a special royal occasion. The show featured a story about Bima from the Mahabharata story.

The Javanese shadow puppet shown in 1890
Mastermind or Dalang behind the shadow puppet players' overall performance. The player sits behind the scenes and tells stories. With the traditional orchestra in the background to provide a resonant melody and rhythm of conventional, Dalang modulates his voice to create suspense thus heightening the drama. The story is a climax of playing with a victory of good over evil.

Hindu culture arrived from India and slowly the land is adopted as the local belief system. The Sanskrit became the literary and court language of Java. Hindus changed the puppet to spread their religion, mostly by stories from the Sanskrit literature. Then, a mixture of Islam puppet play was praised as harmony between Hinduism and traditional Javanese culture. On Java, the western part of Sumatra and some areas continue to play the old stories for decades, but the influence of Hinduism applies, and traditional stories either fell into oblivion or be integrated into the drama of the Hindu religion. The numbers of the puppet are also present in paintings of that time, such as a roof of the courtroom in Klungkung, Bali.

As Islam began to spread in Java Island, look God in human form whatsoever is prohibited. So, the style of painting and shadow play was applied form. Raden Patah wanted to see puppets in the traditional form but failed to get permission from Islam’s leader. As an alternative, the religious leaders converted to an Islam puppet doll prototype made of lambskin and displayed only the shadow, not the numbers of themselves. Figures illicit images only their shadow puppets on display births.

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