The word of Sendangsono comes from Sendang and Sono. Sendang means Spring Water and Sono means tree, so the name shows us that means spring water is under the Sono tree. This pilgrimage site located on the Menoreh foothills and it is 45 kilometers west part of Yogyakarta.

Before 1904, the spring water was better well known as Semagung that serves as a haven for monks who want to visit Boro village, which is the south part of Sendangsono. But since May 20 ‘1904, caused the arrival of Father Van Lith and perform baptism to 173 residents Kalibawang using the spring water and then Sendangsono changed as a Catholic pilgrimage function.

The short Cross Way can be a choice of worship to commemorate the Passion of Christ carried the cross. In each dismissal of the cross, the pilgrims can light candles and pray at the same time remembering important events of Christ's journey to Golgotha​​. When Christ fell twice in shouldering the cross, speedwell wiped his face with a handkerchief until the death of Jesus Christ.