Puncak Pass Bogor

Puncak Pass is one of the tourism spots in Cianjur, Bogor. It has been very popular for tourist destinations of domestic and foreign since 10 years ago. This area is known as a tourist resort with beautiful green local tea plantations and was built by the Dutch Colonial government at the last time.

Puncak Pass is a highlight area of fresh air, cold and one of the best choices to refresh your mind after busy working all week. No wonder if this place becomes a highlight of good tourist destinations in the West Java region. Puncak Pass connects to Megamendung, Ciawi, Cisarua Bogor, and South East region area of ​​Gunung Mas tea plantation. Visitors can look at tea pickers at work, even if only the bamboo hat is visible. The tea pickers work with a group community of between 15 - 20 people. Their job just picking tea leaves up from the tree, put them in the basket placed back of their body.

Viewing the workers at the tea plantation when passing the Puncak area is something interesting sights. It can be imagined, between the green expanse tea plantations they look like ornaments because their dress color looks beautiful. If you are curious then you can try to approach them. You can also try to learn, strum, or pick their tea and it can be asked, how it goes after all the leaves collected and eventually entered into processing into the factory. Along the way to Puncak Bogor, the road is dominated by restaurants and stall with variety: souvenirs, snacks typical, and other merchandise. Since it is not far from Jakarta city, it is easy to access and Puncak Pass is one of the favorite places to visit in Java.