Jatiningsih Mary cave is located in Klepu village, Sumber Arum Moyudan subdistrict, Sleman, Yogyakarta. It is about 20 km away from Yogyakarta city.

Jatiningsih spring waters source of the God grace, which brings peaceful life. The holy place offers peace and away from the bustle, making the cave of Mary Jatiningsih an option to get closer to God and offer fresh air surround. This makes visitors can pray in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

The Jatiningsih Cave located on the edge of the Progo River, pilgrims can hear the sound of water splashing wisdom that adds to the atmosphere. Jatiningsih cave has sprung and flowed through valves installed in this place. Available spring water and this place could make the pilgrims wash face and could bring water away.

Jatiningsih Mary Cave commonly called Jatiningsih spring water, is one of the Catholic pilgrimages in Moyudan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Before it was built as Cave of Mary, formerly of this place called Spring of Pusung. The word of Pusung word is an abbreviation of the Javanese word "Sing Ngapusi Busung", which means anybody would lie afflicted. Further, the name was changed to Jatiningsih Spring that has meaning holy spring from the grace of God that brings peace.

The pilgrims can pray and put a candle in front of the Mary Virgin statue. If anyone does not bring a candle, it will be supplied by inserting a charitable donation for it. Jatiningsih Mary cave has several public facilities such as; toilets, food, souvenir stalls, and a parking area.