Elo Fun Rafting

Elo River is located between Mendut and Borobudur temples. The river is surrounded by the mountain, like Merapi, Merbabu and Menoreh. The starting point of Elo rafting is at Blondo village, which is about 9 kilometers south of Magelang town. There are 37 small and big grade levels between II - III and it is suitable for the beginners, family recreation of fun rafting adventure at Elo River.

There is a rest area in the middle of the rafting journey, where can take a break while enjoying traditional snacks and fresh young coconut drink to quench your thirst. Take pictures to capture your memories of a fun rafting adventure in the Elo river. The rafting continues to stage 2 and will pass some grade through to calm water surface and it is perfect for game or simulation. Rafting Elo river adventure will end at Mendut Village, experience and satisfaction would be gotten after done rafting. The bathroom, lunch, and nice hut for having lunch afterword.

  • Location: Magelang
  • Name of the river: Elo
  • Length of raft: 12 km
  • Long of raft: 2 hours
  • Grade Level: between II - III
  • Starting point: Blondo village
  • Finishes point: Mendut village

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