Local Transportation

Horse Carriege (Andong)


The traditional horse carts are called Andong waits for tourists outside hot spots just like the railroad station, the Kraton, and Mall Malioboro. Haggle furiously. The standard route is from Malioboro street to Sultan Palace and this can be wherever you will find most of Andong. Usually, Andong is chosen to get to the Dagadu T-Shirt outlet for some shopping options. Get around trip for Andong with rock bottom value. Typically it charges IDR 50,000 however they will accept less. Andong will accommodate up to four adult passengers.


Padicap (Becak)


Traditional simple machine and pedal-powered cart, called Becak, which may be found in most a part of Yogyakarta. Haggle furiously before entering into Becak. Make sure to work out whether or not the value is for a unidirectional or come trip and if you wish the motive force to attend while conduct looking or business. Ride it from among the town to the Malioboro store ought to be in value low cost.


City bus


Yogyakarta is a town that doesn't expect tiny minibus to operate cause makes traffic on the road. It serves as a microbus to travel anyplace in Yogyakarta and encompasses many of it. Operated by personal or personal and the government still a number of the personal company are: Aspada, Kobutri, Kopata, Puskopkar, and one government company is Damri. The public bus serve you to travel all around Yogyakarta town at a low cost.


Trans Jogja


The town has an intensive system of public city buses and could be a major destination for inner-city buses to elsewhere on Java or island, still as Taxi, Andong, and Becak. Motorbikes square measure out and away from the foremost ordinarily used personal transportation. However, it is an increasing range of residents' vehicles. Ranging from early 2008, the town has operated a bus mass rapid transit system known as Trans Jogja. This method is shaped when Trans Jakarta. However, it is not like transnational capital, there's no explicit lane for Trans Jogja buses, they run on main streets. Presently there square measure 6 lines of Trans Jogja services, with routes throughout the main street of Yogyakarta, that some overlap each other. The lines extend from the Jombor bus station within the north as so much as Giwangan main coach station within the south and Prambanan bus shelter within the east via Adi Sucipto International airport. Trans Jogja has currently become a brand new trademark of Yogyakarta and regularly utilized by native voters and tourists alike. During a recent forum discussion on long future transportation plans in Yogyakarta is controlled by Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta's head region transportation program team. In 2016 numerous fashionable transport modes embody railway, public bus, and tram can begin in operation within the town and also the region.




The taxi is incredibly simple to be found caused they're virtually all over this town. Some taxi firms serve and wake up your request to travel. They additionally support a long trip someday, like Borobudur, Prambanan, or alternative place, and also the value should negotiate with the motive force. However, to better get a car rental from a car rental service as a result of the value is cheaper and versatile.