Wooden Carving

Wood carving is an art form pictures or patterns on wooden obek by forming hollows on the object. Picture or motif you want made and formed from the basin basin. Basin is that we know the name of dg relief. Typically, the relief motif carries unique themes, such as: plants, animals, or humans.

Some of the party, there were imitating a curved indentation embers beautiful, cosmos or many types of themes. Determination of the theme is entirely dependent on the sculptor himself. The equipment required to form a work of sculpture is simple enough such as hammers, saws, planers, and most importantly chisel.

Previously sculpture is the result of culture or tradition of the Malays. Art is estimated to have grown since 500 years ago. The area of Malacca, Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan had previously made ​​extensive carving artistry to make traditional ornaments and decorations that were in the palace.

Art of wood carving is much known by public, various motives have been created by the artists carving wood, so the interest of the public to the art of wood carving is increasing steadily. Many of us see the works of art of wood carving on the gate and game tools in golf, musical instruments both traditional and modern, furniture, cabinets, out beds, chairs, tables, tools, weapons, equipment and transportation carpentry tradition such as boats, trains horses and ox-carts and so forth.

Currently, wood carving has also been developed in various parts of Indonesia, one of which is the famous city of Jepara. That place has produced a variety of carving wood with a variety of motives that are not less beautiful with the work of the wither.