Water Castle

Water Castle is royal park building of Sultan Palace Yogyakarta and his family. Additionally to garden baths, Sultan Palace of Yogyakata has some buildings like: Ambarukmo, Warungboto, Manukberi, and Ambarbinangun. All is resting area and meditate place of Sultan and their families. Besides, building incorporates sensible defense elements, it is because of Water Castle.

The location of the Water Castle is merely concerning 500 meters south of Yogyakarta Palace. The creator of Portuguese culture building, therefore shortly as if building incorporates high European art design, yet as symbolic meanings that Java remains maintained. However, to observe the building with Javanese dominants part style. The Water Castle was in-built at the late of 18 century AD. The Water Castle is not just simply royal garden, however this is also fancy structure consisting of swimming baths, water canals, special rooms and with 3 swimming baths.

Water Castle is pretty fascinating place to be visited. Besides it is not removed from the palace, additionally one among the most traveler icon in Yogyakarta town. It privileges as result of building situation itself and comparatively intact and well maintained. Therefore the surrounding is corroboratory of its existence as tourist attraction in Yogyakarta area.