Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Parahu is active volcano, which lies within West Java province of Indonesia. Regarding 20 kilometer away from Bandung city and has 2.084 meters altitude. The shape of mountain is the centre of Strato volcano eruption move to maneuver. The forms of rocks, which largely excreted within volcano rock eruption and sulfur, minerals, which is free once the mountain sulfur vapor. Mount Tangkuban Perahu area is managed by biological science of West Java.

The origin Tangkuban Parahu related to the legend, narrated of Sangkuriang fell taken together with his own mother named Dayang Sumbi. To thwart intention to marry her, Dayang Sumbi filed Sangkuriang condition to produces boat in one night. Once his efforts failing, Sangkuriang got angry and kicked the boat, therefore it landed in very state of being inverted. The boat then up of the mountain known as Tangkuban Parahu. That's enclosed lively volcanic and standing being watched by the board of directors of volcanology center. Number of the crater remains showing signs of volcano activity. Among the looks of sulfur gas and hot spring on the mountain’s foot within region embrace of Ciater hot spring.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu basin form within type of hills and mountains on either side strengthens outsized crater existence. It's believed by geologists that the tableland region with altitude of roughly 709 meter on top of water level is the remains of ancient volcanoes, known as mount Sunda. Tangkuban Parahu remnants of associate ancient of active Sundanese Mountain. This development is often seen within the volcano within Sundanese Strait and Ngorongoro district. Therefore the legend is story that individuals Sangkuriang region is believed to be documentation of Sundanese traditional mountain space on present day.