Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is one of temples in Bali tourist attractions. There are two temples lie on large rock at Tanah Lot area. The first, it lies above the boulder and second set on a cliff similar to Uluwatu Temple. Hinduism in Bali Island believes, that Tanah Lot temple is part of heaven. Tanah Lot temple is worship place and dedicated to the Gods as guard of sea.

According to legend, this temple was built by Vedic wander into the land of Java. He was successful spread out of Hindus religion to Balinese people, strengthen confidence in Hinduism, and heaven was built in 16th century. At that time the ruler of Tanah Lot was Bendesa Beraben, jealous of him cause his followers began to leave and follow Nirartha. Bendesa Beraben sent Nirartha Tanah Lot left after that.

He agreed and before leaving Tanah Lot with own power to move his stone boulders into middle of the beach and build a temple there. She changed her shawl into snake temple guards who plays. Snake is still there till present time and scientifically snakes including sea snakes rule discrete flat tail like a fish, black and yellow striated toxins have 3 times more powerful than cobra snake. Finally, Bendesa Beraben Nirartha eventually became a follower.