Surabaya City

Surabaya is the capital city of East Java province, Indonesia. This is the second biggest city Jakarta, known as the capital city of Indonesia. Surabaya has a population of nearly seven million, famous as the center of business, industry, commerce and education area in ​​Java and beyond. Surabaya is very much well known as Heroes City because it plays an important role in Indonesia's independence history to struggle against the Dutch Colonial invaders. Surabaya word was taken from Javanese myth animal battle between Sura and Buaya or Shark and Crocodile.

At the time of Indies Netherlands period, Surabaya residency status as the capital of Surabaya, whose territory also includes of Sidoarjo, Mojokerto, Jombang, and Gresik districts. Surabaya got to class as municipalities and regions in 1926, established as the provincial capital of Surabaya. Surabaya city has been changed and grown becomes the second largest business city in Indonesia after Jakarta.

Before the year of 1900, Surabaya only revolves around Jembatan Merah or Red Bridge, but until 1920 the growth of new residential areas such as Gubeng, Darmo, Sawahan, and Ketabang. Modern port facilities built in 1917 and that made this city getting busier as the center of economic in East Java.