Senggigi Beach

Senggigi is coastal beach tourist attraction and located in Lombok islands. The beach is beautiful and worth to be visiting when on vacation in Lombok island and surround. The beach is no less beautiful even it is much more beautiful than Balinese beaches. Senggigi is very famous of white sand beach and clarity of seawater. It is not surprise that many foreign tourists visit and enjoy the beaches in Lombok. Senggigi beach is center of tourism spot in Lombok, there are many amenities that can not be seen without compromising the beauty and natural.

Located of Senggigi beach is in the west part of Mataram town, approximately 8 kilometres. It is about 15 minutes to travel from down town, rather twisty accompanied by gentle sea breeze. Amid the way, there is temple that juts into the sea, namely Batu Bolong. This area presents beautiful landscape, which is enchanting, clean white sand and clear water sea.

Senggigi beach offers several types of water spot attractions such as: diving, swimming, snorkelling and many more. The sunset view is looks nice from Senggigi beach, beautiful, amazing and charming. Once the sun leaving the day and switch into the night, the life style in the beach area will continue with music sound of the bass and tourist enliven the nightlife. Lombok Island is getting more famous at the moment and it is visited by European and Asian tourists.