Semarang City

Semarang is the largest city in Central Java province and also a capital city of it area as well. In the beginning of time, this place was muddy plains, which later evolved into the advanced rapidly and appears as an important city. As many large cities absorb immigrants, then made living and settled in the city of Semarang to the end, after another the next life.

In the past, there was a prince of the Sultan of Demak Kingdom named Raden Made Pandan Arang, left from kingdom and went to Semarang to spread teachings Islam religion. From time to time, the land was getting more fertile region and busier. From the sidelines it appeared fertility tamarind tree that rarely, thus giving the name of the city became Semarang.

Semarang has a harbour and it is large enough that gold cape and became a city of business. There are many old buildings were built by Dutch and still in good condition, caused well maintain and plenty of textile factories which has export quality, as well as having considerable potential market and play an important role as a trade.

There are some tourist attractions and culinary in this town:

  • Dutch heritage buildings: the Blenduk church and Lawang Sewu
  • Natural attractions are located in the mountains south of Semarang
  • Shore excursions: Golden Horn, Coastal Marina
  • Local culinary: Loenpia, Wingko tripe, Milk fish presto