Sanur Beach

Sanur is one of famous white san beach tourist attraction in East of Bali islands. The beach has spot view of beautiful sunrise to get in the morning time. It is famous as sunrise beach and opposed to Kuta beach, Bali. Lying on the eastern tip of Bali, making the beach as perfect place to enjoy the sun shows up. In fact, there is also segment on Sanur beach called sunrise beach and most of visitor do not want to miss it.

Not all of beaches in Bali can be enjoyed. Some places become property of beach hotel surround. There are some available boat tours that can deliver to sea grass breeding. In addition, littered for surfing, plenty water surfboard rentals available along side beach of Sanur.

Even though Sanur is not as hectic as trendy Seminyak. It is still heavily tourist and those seeking tourist spot Bali beach experience won't find it here. This is one of original islands tourist area, at present now is popular especially for family pleasure. Occasionally referred to as "Snore" the pace here is far slower and sedentary than Kuta beach and in the midnight just about everywhere closed the shop some coastal tourist areas. Sanur is typical white sand beach, exotic and adorned by lush of trees. It could be protective warm sunshine, beautiful and worth to be visiting.