Ratu Boko Trekking

This adventure spot lies Southern part of Hindus temple Prambanan. It is beautiful, peaceful, natural scenery and unspoiled region that makes Ratu Boko trekking to be a challenge. This beauty and the natural potential place for trekking has inspired by company management of PT. Taman Wisata candi Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko.

To make exploration in Ratu Boko spot trekking area with impressive nature, these efforts materialized in trekking tour packages. The core of trekking tour is watching a sunrise from the top of mount Tugel and that will be on a bed of rice paddy fields in colorful.

The trekking starts from the center of Ratu Boko temple area at 3:00 am and will be finish at 09.00 am. After exploring mount Tugel with unique soft trekking to reach the top, the trekker wil enjoy a beautiful sunrise while resting in spot when the weather is permited.

This trekking and adventure journey will continue to climb up at complex of Ijo temple as one of Buddhist temple around.. On the way back to starting spot, a breakfast and hot drink will be served in a unique bamboo hut on the hill with beautiful scenery of the mountain such as: mount Merapi, Sumbing, Sindoro and Lawu.

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