Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is the south beach which is about 27 km south from Yogyakarta city. The beach renowned as tourist attraction in Yogyakarta additionally to alternative beach such as: Glagah, Samas, Baron, Kukup and Krakal beach. Parangtritis beach includes a distinctive landscape that is not found in alternative attractions besides the massive waves also are the high mountains sand dunes round the coast sometimes referred to as dunes.

This attraction has been managed by the regime Bantul, starting from lodging facilities and typical handicraft market of Parangtritis. There was additionally a bathhouse referred to Parang Wedang purportedly water within the baths will cure varied diseases together with skin diseases. Water from the baths containing of sulphur that comes from the mountains within the close locations. The opposite beaches square measure beaches on the coast Parangkusumo wherever there is place for a gathering between the king aforesaid to the Queen of the South Sea, she is Nyai Roro Kidul.

In the month of Suro, is held an offerings Labuhan ceremony for the Queen of the sea, Nyai Rara Kidul. The locals powerfully believe that someone might not use inexperienced coloured garments once they are on the beach. Parangtritis beach is favourite place of tourists visit particularly on New Years Eve Java (1 Muharram or Suro). In Parangtritis beach, there square measure horse drawn carriage or Bendi and horse riding could be rented from east to west of the beach.