Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran is an excellent tourist beach in West Java. Located in the village of Pananjung, Pangandaran approximately 92 kilometre south of Ciamis, West Java. Pangandaran Beach is part of the southern Java Sea, has a beautiful landscape with a vast territory, has fine sand and crystal clear water and clean.

The beach is one of tourism attractions that have been well known since the Dutch. In Japan at the time, mainly in the Gulf coast Pananjung never made the landing of the Japanese army. Still there are some Japanese caves that had once been used as places of settlement or hiding the Japanese soldiers who intend to attack the Dutch soldiers. Pangandaran beach background Pananjung nature reserve rich flora and fauna also provides an opportunity for visitors to see the sunrise and sunset.

Pangandaran beach has a characteristic sloping beach with clear water and the distance between the ups and downs relatively longer, allowing the visitors to swim safely. In addition, the beach is also available rescue teams coastal tourism. Conditions around the neighbour hood roads are paved smooth with adequate road also be an enabling factor that makes Pangandaran as one of the favourite objects. Your recreation with family at the beach this is a necessity that should not be overlooked, especially family vacation time.

Pangandaran beach also provide an alternative option for the attraction in a very pleasant beaches, such as the surfing, jet-skiing, snorkelling, boat rentals that can cross over to white sand and look - see the coral in the sea there are also many ornamental fish. In object Preserve Pananjung the tourists can see the various animals such as deer and other animals complete with beautiful nature reserve maintained continuity, beautiful and clean.