Merapi Trekking

Trekking to mount Merapi via Kaliurang
Kaliurang village located in district of Sleman, 27 km north part of Yogyakarta. This ground is mountainous area with cool air from an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Ascent will pass through the village to view at post Kinahrejo and it takes 4 hours climbing back away.

Along the way of climbing, going through to forest in the middle between two hills on mount Merapi, that is Turgo hill. Cool air, quite scenery and charming view with diversity of trees and plants surround. Trekking journey will pass through and stop at small huts and served snacks and warm drinks. Trekking to mount Merapi, it will be accompanied by experienced local trekking guide.

Trekking mount Merapi via Selo 
Selo village located in Boyolali, Central Java province and it is about 70 km from Yogyakarta town. It has altitude of 1.200 meters above sea level and Selo village became the main base camp of trekking to mount Merapi. Dawn ascent starts at 12.30 and will be on the road trekking for 5 hour going up and going down for 4 hours.

The main goal is to see the beauty sunrise from the top of mount Merapi and also a sense of satisfaction because it can reach the summit of mount Merapi. There are 3 posts of rest area, the peak of the volcano is Garuda but gone now caused of eruption in 2010. From up there, that could see the other mountain like: mount Lawu, Merbabu, Sumbing and Sindoro. The temperature ranging around 10 degrees Celsius and advised to wear jacket, drink and snack during trekking.

Important note:
Mount Merapi trekking program will be accompanied by experienced adventure local guide. Some important things needed to be prepared: mountain shoes, shirts, jackets, jeans are not recommended due to cold temperatures.

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