Lovina Beach

Lovina is a coastal tourist area with the main attraction beach with quite sea water, blackish coloured sand and coral reefs with tropical fish. Due to the nature of the sea is quite, Lovina is very suitable for water recreational activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling, fishing, sailing, kayaking or just simply soak in water.

In addition, it can be noted as Lovina beach shore fish having dolphins in their original environment. This Luma dolphins by the hundreds can be seen in the morning, about 1 kilometre offshore. Dolphin diving, jump up from the water with views of the mountains in the south string, reddish sky as sunrise marked a sight that gives very alluring appeal. Lovina area is also supported by many of the surrounding tourist attraction within easy reach of Lovina. The attraction of tourism around Lovina are: Bite Falls, Banjar hot water, Buddhist temple, and several surrounding villages which is ideal for nature lovers.

Officially called Lovina area Kalibukbuk type, but better known as Lovina beach. This area includes 2 district, the village Pemaron, Tukadmungga, Anturan and Kalibukbuk entry Buleleng, while Kaliasem village and entered Temukus Banjar District. Both are located in the Regency of Buleleng. Pemaron village 5 kilometres west of Singaraja and village west Temukus the village 12 kilometres west of Singaraja. Central Lovina area is located 10 kilometres from Singaraja. Lovina tourist area is currently a hub of tourism in the Regency of Buleleng in the form of either star accommodation, jasmine, cottage or home stay, restaurants, souvenir shops, transport, foreign currency exchange, as well as tourist information service.