Lombok Island

Lombok is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands Nusa Tenggara or separated by the Straits of Lombok and Bali in western Sebelat Alas Strait to the east of Sumbawa Island. The island is roughly spherical with a kind of tail at the southwest side whose length is approximately 70 kilometres. This area of ​​the island reaches 5435 kilometres square, placing it on the ranking list of 108 of the islands based on the breadth of the world. The main town of the island is Mataram.

According to the Chronicle content of Lombok Island, the eldest kingdom once ruled this island was Kingdom Laeq (Laeq Sasak language means the past) and other sources that Suwung Chronicle, the states of the oldest monarchy in the kingdom Suwung Lombok was built and led by King Betarasense. Suwung kingdom then subsided and was replaced by the Kingdom of Lombok. In the 9th up to 11th century stood Kingdom Sasak later defeated by one kingdom from Bali by the time. Some of the other kingdoms that once stood on the island of Lombok among others, like: Langko, Pejanggik, Bayan, chock Samarkaton and Selaparang.

The Selaparang kingdom itself came in two periods on 13th and the 16th century. The first is the Selaparang Hindu kingdom and rule ended with the arrival of the expedition of Majapahit kingdom in the year of 1357. Selaparang second kingdom is the kingdom of Islam and the rule ended in the year 1740 after defeated by the combined kingdom of Karangasem Bali Arya Banjar and Brittle which is treason against the royal family because of problems with the king of Selaparang.