Lawangsih Mary cave is located in Menoreh hills, precisely in Patihombo, Purwosari village, Girimulyo district, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Lawangsih cave entered in area of Pelemdukuh, Lady of Fatima the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish Nanggulan, Kevikepan Yogyakarta dan archdiocese Semarang.

At first Lawangsih cave was inhabited by many bats and owned by local residents named T. Sutikno. Then donated to the church and eventually used as sacred place of worship by Father Ignatius Slamet Riyanto.

Lawangsih Mary cave was built with traditional equipment and it is not used modern tools and this is miraculous. For nearly a year, the Catholics and local residents working together, digging, cleaning and making the cave. All this is done with passion, good cooperation.

It derived from the mace and compassion, Lawang in Javanese means the door and Asih means affection, love, blessings, grace. Spiritually, Lawangsih appoint the meaning of Mary as the gate of heaven, thanks to the door. Mary is intermediary for Jesus has redeemed the sins of mankind and brings to life eternal.

Style architecture used by Lawangsih cave is very interesting, the arrangement of natural stones on the west side chapel adds to the beautiful atmosphere. Natural form of limestone is maintained without changing the wall, it is the suggestion of Fr. YB. Mangunwijaya notable architecture. Behind the altar is decorated with several paintings depicting Puppet Kingdom of Heaven, painting deer with green grass that was on altar and at the backside of Mary virgin statue. Plastered pictures of five loaves and two fish above, it symbolises of sharing expression and manifestation of the faith.