Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta beach of Lombok is one the most popular tourist spot in Lombok Island. The beach with sparkling white sand is located the village of Kuta village. Kuta village started become attractive places and as a tourist destination on the island of Lombok since the establishment of numerous new hotels around.

Besides the natural beauty that could be enjoyed in the village, there Sasak ceremony is always done first time in a year in the village, and the ceremony is called Bau Nyale Ceremony.

In a ritual ceremony, sailors at sea looking for worms Nyale specified place. According to legend, once there was a princess named Princess Mandalika. She is famous daughter as very pretty, lots of princes and youth who want to apply for and marry him.

Because women can not make decisions and desperate, then decided not to choose one applicant and plunged into the sea. Princess Mandalika previously promised that he would come back once every year. Her hair was long and disheveled from princess Mandalika was believed to be a worm Nyale.