Kerep Cave

Kerep Cave Ambarawa or GMKA is well known and familiar to Catholics. Since the last few years, the name Kerep Cave also started better known by Catholics from various dioceses in Indonesia.

For pilgrims who first visited the cave, simply follow the instructions nameplate may be seen alongside a main road Ambarawa. Cool air and natural charm welcomes any presence of the pilgrims. Green paddy field and trees at the foot of Mount Ungaran feels so kindly drove mood towards the heavenly realm Cave.

The sound of water gurgling ditch and bird song gives a charm that gives natural treats before entering peace in Goa Kerep. The existence of many souvenir stalls was unable to penetrate the peace and quiet area of Mary Kerep Cave.

After more than half a century stand, right now Kerep Cave is never empty of pilgrims. Any time from morning till night visited by pilgrims although always just beyond the Moon Maria. Pilgrims pray at this shrine and not a few who simply utter thankfulness of their application. There also are coming to simply search for inner peace.