Gedongsongo Temple

Gedongsongo is Hindus complex temple heritage, which located on the slope of mount Ungaran. It has an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level and located in area of Candi village, Ambarawa district, Central Java. This Hindus complex temple is a recreation park with nice view, fresh air caused on the highland.

There are 9 temples that are all overall made from andesite stone. There are 7 temples in first enshrinement complex and called Gedong Pitoe. Gedongsongo temple was discovered by Standford Raffles, there were only seven temples only in that area. At the end, they were another two temples were discovered again in Gedongsongo area.  

The 9 temples in Gedongsongo complex and there was only one temple, which located in state of maintained, while other temples in disrepair. The 5 temples are called Gedong I through V that has been renovated by the Archaeological Institute of Netherlands. Gedong I and II renovated in 1928-1931 and Gedong III, IV, V were renovated in 1977-1983.

As when Gedongsongo temple was built, there was not official statement, but in view of the temple style that was built approximately in the early of 9th century. The temple’s form was very similar to Dieng temple complex, which lies in between Banjarnegara and Wonosobo towns.