Ganjuran is pilgrimage place and it was built by Dutch people who worked manages Madukismo sugar factory. In Ganjuran church, there is temple called the Sacred Heart of Jesus and located to the right of Ganjuran church building.

Nuance Javanese culture used by Schmutzer founded the church complex in Ganjuran is process of inculturation. Known as someone, who believed in the Catholic religion, family Schmutzer want to revive sense of faith in the context of Javanese culture. Schmutzer build a hospital, to help the poor people, educate people and dignity to local residents by supporting local residents to continue with implement of the culture and local traditions, though ultimately rated understanding of Christianity.

Besides being a place of worship, the church is also famous for its temple Ganjuran. The church was also used as place of pilgrimage Catholic religion, temple Ganjuran been known since antiquity, many Catholic people come for pilgrimage and prayer. On the left of temple, there is Ganjuran sacred springs flowed into the water tap.

Ganjuran temple always crowded by Catholic visitors, specially on religious holiday. Ganjuran temple is open any time, because the church complex opens 24 hours for prayer. Ganjuran is one of religious pilgrimage place and many people came from various parts of Indonesia and abroad. The janitor at the church of Ganjuran said that from year to year is always increasing its visitors and pilgrims can also attends mass at that church.