Dieng Plateau

Dieng plateau is one of the famous tourist spots in Central Java province. Dieng Plateau is the highest plateau in Java and it lies in between Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. Dieng name was taken from 2 Sanskrit words, "Ardi" means beautiful and Hyang means high. Dieng plateau tells about the beautiful winsome as a place of Gods and Goddesses to reside. So, Dieng means a mountainous area where the Gods and Goddesses to live. Dieng is a village in the district of bordering counties and it is approximately 26 kilometers north of Wonosobo town.

Along the way to Dieng, the journey offers stunning mountain scenery. Approached Dieng village, it has a lower temperature and makes sure to wear a jacket. The cold sometimes can reach several degrees Celsius and the fresh scent of the vague color sulfur smell, especially around Sikidang crater.

There are indeed many craters are still active in Dieng plateau. The mountain peaks Dieng looked like broken thereby leaving heavily cratered terrain. That is why Dieng very famous with the name of the plain above the mountains. Fertile land with plenty of vegetables grows such as; cabbage, potato, onion, carrot and many others.

Dieng plateau region is one of mainstay tourism of Wonosobo district. The tourism objects not merely the plateau itself, but there are numerous tourist attractions in natural on the sideline and cultural heritage form at the past time. The visitor can reach Dieng plateau from Wonosobo or Banjarnegara town and the best time to visit is in between May and October every year.