Denpasar City

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali, Indonesia. This City is the economic centre of Bali island and here is the meeting place between traditional Balinese and western culture. Once known as the city of Denpasar is Badung, in the year 1906 once the war bellows. Many traders from Arab countries and China are coming here to trade. Denpasar means island new markets and at the south part lies the international airport of Ngurah Rai.

Denpasar was originally a centre of Badung, eventually became the administrative centre. Starting from 1958 Denpasar serves as the administrative centre of Bali province. Make a central government for Level II and Level I Badung Bali experienced significant growth, both in the physical, economic, social and cultural rights. Physically city of Denpasar and the surrounding area has been developed as well as affect the lives of so many people and shows characteristics and urban properties. Denpasar is the centre of government, commerce, education, industry and also tourism and consists of 3 districts, among others: South Denpasar, East Denpasar and West Denpasar.

Seeing the development of the city, there are a lot of different sectors, then it may be handled by the Government Administrative status as a city. Therefore it is time to set up the city government has the authority to regulate and manage the autonomy of urban areas so that the problem can be handled city more quickly and precisely and services in urban communities sooner.