Challenge Lower Progo Rafting

Lower Progo river rafting is specifically for those who wants to feel the incredible sensation largest river island of Java, which Progo rivers. With the level of difficulty of grade IV - V, it will feel the pounding pounding as the river water to the face. At least, should have passed the rapids river rafting Elo 2 times, because rafting rapids have a higher grade level. Rafting begins and ends in the village Klangon Dekso village, Magelang district, Central Java.

In the middle of the rafting trip Progo river will pass through the area rest area, you can rest dishes snack market and coconut drinks to quench your thirst you, it can also take a picture to capture your memories in a river rafting Progo. The rafting proceed to the next stage for a few rapids and calm water will meet. The location is perfect for a game or simulation for rafting. Rafting trip will end in villages Dekso, experience and satisfaction that will surely feel. The bathroom, lunch was prepared to clean clean and lunch.

  • Location : Magelang
  • River : Progo
  • Long of raft : 15 km
  • Length of rafting : 2.5 hours
  • Grade level : IV - V
  • Place start : Klangon village
  • Place end : Dekso village

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