Ceto Temple

Ceto is temple and very much well known as Griya Asri or nice building. Ceto temple lies in Ngargoyoso village, Karanganyar, Solo. The temple was made from andesite stone from the mountain nearby. Shaped staircase steps and consists of 8 levels of stage, which consists of 4 levels of square and 2 levels rectangular.

In this temple found many statues kinds of turtles that are on the front gate. One of unique and interesting part of this temple is the presence of some form painting on floor on one page. Turtle shaped swims with circle on the back side with head of triangular.

The temple located higher than Sukuh temple. That is why the higher place will make the trip to Ceto temple will be more exciting. The atmosphere is calm and peace can be felt around the temple as name suggests Ceto, which means quiet.

Ceto temple is more visited by Hindus people nearby and sometime more from Bali Island. The visit Ceto for praying as what they dream in life and they will come back the their dreams already come true. The best time to visit Ceto temple is in the morning time between May up to October.