Borneo Orangutan

Orangutan is kind of great ape with long arms and reddish black hairy and sometimes brown and living in Asia region. The term is taken from Indonesian and Orangutan means people in forest. They have fat body, thick necked, long sleeved and strong, short legs and bowed, and they do not have a tail. The male Orangutan is measuring 1 to 1.4 meter size 2/3 times the size of gorilla.

The body covered Orangutan brownish red brown hair. They have large head with high position of the mouth. Orangutan males have fleshy temple. They have the same senses as humans, that of smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch. Their palms 4 long fingers and 1 thumb, and have soles fingers composition similar to humans. Vertebrate animals, including Orangutan, it means that they have backbone and also includes mammals and primates. Currently Orangutan is an endangered animal, because humans are constantly damaging their habitat are also often sell their babies illegally to be personal pet. Estimated population in the whole world only amounted to 10,000 head. Currently developed wildlife reserve to preserve their population in various countries.

The Orangutan can be found in tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia such as: Borneo and Sumatra islands in the region of the state of Indonesia and Malaysia. They used to live in dense trees and make nests of leaves to stay. The Orangutan can live on a variety of forest types, forest or lowland hills, freshwater swamp forests, peat bogs, river basins, dry soil above the mangrove swamp, to forest of the mountains. Borneo Island found at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, while relatives in Sumatra has been reported to reach forested mountains with about 1.000 meters above sea level.