Bandung City

Bandung is capital city of West Java province, Indonesia. It is ancient times very much well known as Parijs van Java. Because Bandung lies on the highlands, that's why it has fresh and cool air area especially at north part. This is the reason why Bandung becomes one of tourist destination and attraction spot. Plenty numbers of public universities and many private colleges as well, it make Bandung known as one of student city of Indonesia.

Bandung is located at the coordinates 107° E and 6° 55' South Latitude. Broad of the city is 16,767 hectares. The city geographic is in the central part of West Java. By doing so, it has strategic value to surrounding areas.

The city lies at an altitude of ± 768 meter above sea level. The north area of Bandung is higher than the south part. The height of the north area is ± 1.050 meter above sea level, while the southern part is ± 675 above sea level. Bandung city is ​​surrounded by mountains, which create sort of basin city.

This kind of city is drained 2 major rivers of Cikapundung and Citarum and it tributaries which generally flows to the south and meet at Citarum river. Under these conditions, the south region part of Bandung is highly vulnerable of flooding problem.