Borobudur Masterpiece Dance

Synopsis Borobudur Masterpiece Dance

Phase 1
The human emotional life changes such as spinning wheels, tend to show greed, violence, and oppression among mankind. It is all creates a sense of fear and violence within. Known as the Rakai Panangkaran parents or ascetic highly knowledgeable and virtuous noble character, always reminding the people who behave bad. Rakai Pangkaran always teach life of noble Ryang, teaches life sciences through rock carvings to mankind, the implied level of Borobudur are; Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu and Arupadhatu.

Phase 2
In view of this part the story, depicts the spirit of human solidarity, cooperation, and a sense of unity of the human race who live in the foothills of Menoreh, when the construction of Borobudur temple. All dis-positive wicked will be broken out for temperament, and lead us to sacrifice and help the others. The soldiers and their royal troops fought to oust ape creatures of evil in their lives.

Phase 3
King Samaratungga continued the construction development of Borobudur temple with the help and support of his people of allegiance and ultimately be able to complete all over construction.

Phase 4
King Samaratungga and the people are very grateful god, because to complete the construction of the temple of Borobudur perfectly. They sat cross-legged and silence. Under the leadership of a monkey, they pray for peaceful life in the future.

  • Dinner time: 18.00 - 19.00
  • Dance time: 19.00 - 21.00
  • Location: Aksobya Open Theater, Borobudur

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