Loqman Bin Ahmad, Malaysia

Travel date: January 30 - February 4' 2014
Comment: Pelancongan yang menyenangkan, cuma 1 saran untuk tempat sholat wanita yang lebih baik, kebanyakan tempat wuduk wanita masih terbuka

Tapience and Eileen O'Connor, Irlandia

Travel date: March 25 '2014
Comment: Very efficient trip, will recommend to our friends

PT. Erajaya Sinar Mentari, Banjarmasin - Indonesia

Travel date:May 15 - 18 '2014
Comment: Secara umum pelayanannya memuaskan, cuman tempat makan perlu di buat lebih bervariasi, terima kasih

Ms. Kalisz, Polandia

Travel date: May 2 '2014
Comment: Good service and worth to be recommended to our friends

Arianto Tjandra, Jakarta - Indonesia

Travel date: June 27 - 30 '2014
Comment: Terima kasih atas pelayanan tour yang sangat baik, khususnya pak Yono yang sudah kami kenal sebelumnya

Yuk Cheng Tran, Inggris

Travel date: June 15 - 16 '2014
Comment: Very happy with our tour guide and service, I would recommend to my family and friends

Jeroslan Wyrzykowski / Warszawa, Polandia

Travel date:August 20 - 24 '2014
Comment: Very good arrangement and service. I can recommend to everybody. Good job..!!!

Abdellatif and Boudeweel, Perancis

Travel date:August 26 '2014
Comment: Good service and memorable trip. It worth to be recommend to all people

Malki Olivier and Fatma Tahiri, Viadeo Perancis

Travel date: October 21 '2014
Comment: The trip is just perfect and well recommended.

Andrzej Zaton and Friend, Warszawa - Polandia

Travel date: November 14 - 16 '2014
Comment: Very good and helpful guide with wide knowledge. In the future, we will recommend your service to all our friends.

Glenn Marshall and Friend, Australia

Travel date: November 17 - 22 '2015
Comment: The driver Pak Adji was very safe and friendly driver and the accommodation was good. Thank you for an enjoyable experience !!!

Marites Ceniza and Friends, Philipina

Travel date: March 20 - 23 '2016
Comment: We enjoyed the company of Pak Ghani (Jogja Explore Tours), and took really nice pictures because of the tour guide suggestions

Lukasz and Marta Machala, Warszawa - Polandia

Travel date: July 13 - 20 '2017
Comment: Very friendly tour guide and driver, helpful and flexible during our trip in Java Island. We are very please with Ghani's service, friendly atmosphere and feel like we had additional travel mates. Thank you so much and hope to see you again. Coca Colahellenic HBC Polska http://en.coca-colahellenic.pl

Jaume Salvador and family, Bercelona - Spanyol

Travel date: July 29 - 30 '2017
Comment: The tour arrangement and operating was really good. We enjoyed it, all run smoothly and excellent. AIGE viatges www.aigeviatges.com

Cipriani Milena and Beltrame Stefano, Verona - Italia

Travel date: August 14 - 15 '2017
Comment: El servizio e'stato impeccabile e la guida molto preparata. Ci siamo divertiti e'consigueremo questo tour operator ad ahici e conoscenti che vorranno visitare Yogyakarta